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Course Dates:

17th & 18th August

Course Description

Join us for a two-day professional workshop where you can fully immerse yourself in developing your skills and knowledge of working with summer flowers and foliage in a sustainable and creative way. You will see a large flower farm the in the high summer, learning all the different varieties of flower and foliage in season during the Summer months (there are 100s!) and we will share all of our hints and tips with how to manage sourcing and conditioning in the heat of the summer. 


So you can fully understand the field to vase process, and the different nuances of working with locally sourced product you will cut and condition armfuls of flowers from the field. Sarah will then guide you in creating various different designs sharing her years of experience in sustainable floral design. The individual designs you create will be brought together to create a dramatic group installation in the barn - perfect for inspirational portfolio shots. 


We firmly believe sustainable floristry includes being a sustainable business and so we will go through pricing structures for accurately quoting for the different designs, sharing our process for creating recipes and stem counts. There will be ample opportunities for photography to expand your portfolio, making use of the impressive backdrop of the ancient Tithe Barn. Full written course notes will be yours to take home. 

Course Aims

  1. This course empowers florists by giving you the knowledge and confidence to incorporate seasonal British-grown Summer flowers, foliage and planted material.

  2. You will become confident in sourcing, pricing, ordering, and creating designs using sustainable mechanics for event urns, meadow box designs and kokedama. 


  1. Design and creation of a large, stunning installation in the barn - perfect for wedding and event inspiration. The vast array of flowers and foliage available during the summer months

  2. Demonstration, design and costing of a large urn for summer events

  3. Creating your own meadow box, including sustainable mechanics which can be applied to a wide range of small and large-scale impactful designs.

  4. Working with planted material - creating Kokedama - and how to incorporate into event design

  5. Working out stem counts and recipes for large scale designs to help with proposals and quotes for your own events

  6. Meadow Box demonstration and how the design can be scaled up to suit different locations and event briefs. 

  7. How to manage the heat when sourcing and conditioning during the summer

  8. Building relationships with flower farmers

  9. How to order and select the best flowers for events in the summer months


Photograph opportunities for your portfolio include:

  1. The huge array of flowers and foliage available during the summer months - perfect for building your bank of images to use in design proposals. 

  2. Meadow Box design

  3. Kokedama

  4. Dramatic, large group installation

The course includes lunch and refreshments, and you should arrive at 9:00 for a 9:30 start. Lunch will be from 12:30-13:30, and we will finish at 16:30. You will take home your meadow bow and kokedama and full written course materials.

Book all four courses together and save 10% (£230)

Payment plans are available. Please email us on for further details. 

Learning Outcomes


After completing the course you will have:

  • A comprehensive understanding of sustainable floral mechanics.

  • Knowledge of working with fresh and dried cut flowers, fresh foliage, and the use of planted materials for large-scale installations.

  • Understanding which products (fresh or dried cut flowers or planted materials) and which mechanics are suitable for different design types and why.

  • Increased confidence in creating beautiful designs with British flowers.

  • Knowledge of sundries, tools, and vessels suitable for a variety of design types.

  • Increased confidence in determining stem counts, using recipes, and allocating flowers for designs.

  • Understanding of how to appropriately price your designs.

  • Enhanced your knowledge of the wide range of British flower varieties available from local growers.

  • Gained a deeper understanding of seasonal variation in availability.

  • Acquired knowledge of the growth, harvesting, and post-harvest treatment of British cut flowers.

  • Developed confidence in approaching and communicating with local growers.

  • Learned techniques for proper care and conditioning of a variety of seasonal flowers.

  • Gained insights into the various types of flower farms operating in the UK.

  • Learned about the different sources from which you can obtain British flowers and foliage.​

Please download the PDF below to see the full course outline. 

  • Sustainable Mechanics & British Flowers in Floristry

    Started Aug 17

    2,050 British pounds
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