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What is in season... January

Updated: May 14, 2022

At Featherstone's English Flower Company we grow with the seasons - in tune with Mother Nature. As Flower Farmers, we instinctively know and feel the seasons changing and can predict roughly what is likely to be flowering when.

To help our wedding couples and customers we will be sharing a month by month blog of the types of flowers and foliage that are likely to be in season. Please use the following as a guide; the impact of climate change is becoming more evident with extremes in weather becoming the norm. As a large mixed flower farm we have the benefit of growing a huge range of flowers; so even if one crop suffers in the weather we will have another crop that will flourish.

We spend hours researching the crops we are going to grow to give the range of colours, shapes and textures needed for our floristry work throughout the year. You may have never heard of some of the varieties we grow - but trust us - they are all beautiful!

In January we supplement our crops with those grown by larger commercial growers in England. Naturally there is not a huge range of flowers available as we are in the depths of winter in the UK, but we still continue to create beautiful arrangements with scented foliage, the coloured stems of Cornus (dogwood) and the catkins that form.


Flowers and Foliage - January









Viburnum tinus

Twisted Willow

Sarcococca (Winter Box)


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