Sponsor A Tree

Featherstone's is not just about growing flowers. We are passionate about the environment and have a deep love of trees. For both these reasons we are planning on planting an incredible avenue of trees all along the side of our 300m field to make a stunning Spring blossom tree line, which in the future will become an avenue when a second line is planted. 


Trees are wonderful for many reasons: Blossom trees provide early nectar for insects, shelter for birds, they stabilise soil which helps promote the soil life, prevent run off and trap carbon in the soil. Trees trap and convert carbon dioxide to grow and provide the oxygen that we breathe. In addition many trees provide spectacular autumn colour and berries which feed the birds deep into winter. 


If you would like plant a tree but dont have space to do it at home, or you would like to give a tree to someone, or dedicate one in memory of a loved one then we have the space and permanent position to plant one on the farm for you. You will be able to help plant your tree, see your tree on our open days throughout the year and as part of your purchase you get two free Pick Your Own bucket which can be cut at any of our Pick Your Own sessions throughout the year. 


Choose from Cherry, Rowan, or Crab Apple.

Sponsor A Tree

Sales Tax Included

Featherstone's English Flower Company Ltd undertakes to look after the tree to the best of their ability. Should the tree not grow satisfactorily for it's variety Featherstone's English Flower Company Ltd commits to replacing with the same species. 

Featherstone's English Flower Company Ltd reserves the right to occasionally cut plant material from the trees for their own use and sale.