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Floribunda Rose & Featherstone's English Flower Co.

British Flowers and How to Work with them:
A Professional Course for Florists and Floristry Students 


We are excited to announce our partnership with  Sarah and William, the highly respected florists behind Floribunda Rose, to present a series of comprehensive two-day courses for each season. Each course delves into the intricacies of working sustainably with British flowers, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of everything they need to know to use sustainable techniques alongside British flowers to work confidently and creatively throughout the year.

Each season presents its own unique beauty and challenges for both growers and florists, and our seasonal classes will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create stunning designs using British flowers from spring bouquets to large installations. 

Each two-day course can be attended as a stand alone workshop, or join us for all four courses

to witness the transition of a working flower farm through the seasons, and gain expertise in a diverse range of sustainable floristry techniques.


The cost for each season's course is £570 for the two-day class, while the total cost for all four seasons is £2050 (8 days of learning).

Limited spaces available:

To ensure high-quality, professional instruction, each course is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Courses By Season:  


Registration for the Spring course open until 1st May 2023.

Meadow box_edited.jpg


17th & 18th August 

During the summer course, we will take you through the process of harvesting stems from the flower field and show you the vast array of flowers that are available during that time. We will also discuss how to approach flower farmers and what you can expect from different types of suppliers. Sarah will provide demonstrations on creating large urn arrangements, and we will go over costing for your designs.

On the second day, you will have the opportunity to create meadow boxes and kokedama, which you can take home with you. We will then bring all of your designs together into a spectacular installation, which will provide time for photography.



30th & 31st October

During the Autumn course, we will explore the use of colour and texture in bouquets, followed by a collaborative effort in creating arch installations. After touring the flower field and harvesting stems for your designs, we will focus on speciality Autumn flowers and the methods for sourcing them. We will also provide guidance on costing for large installations, including a hands-on practice session, and discuss the administrative details surrounding the installation of large designs.  




6th & 7th February

For the Winter session, we will focus on creating a large hoop installation and individual wreaths, which will be brought together for a stunning display in our magnificent Tithe Barn. We will explore how to incorporate living plant materials into suspended arrangements and gain confidence in using British-grown flowers and foliage during the winter season. 


16th & 17th May 2024

  During the Spring session, you will have the opportunity to tour the farm and gain insight into the various sources of cut material available in the UK. You will learn the process of cutting and conditioning Spring blooms. The floristry element will include demonstrations from Sarah, and you will have the chance to create beautiful table centers and bouquets, which you can photograph and take home. On the second day, we will cover the topic of how to appropriately price different styles of arrangements. You will also learn how to combine all of your designs to create an impressive banquet tablescape.

Book all four courses together and save 10% (£230)

Payment plans are available. Please email us on for further details. 

Learning Outcomes


After completing the course you will have:

  • A comprehensive understanding of sustainable floral mechanics.

  • Knowledge of working with fresh and dried cut flowers, fresh foliage, and the use of planted materials for large-scale installations.

  • Understanding which products (fresh or dried cut flowers or planted materials) and which mechanics are suitable for different design types and why.

  • Increased confidence in creating beautiful designs with British flowers.

  • Knowledge of sundries, tools, and vessels suitable for a variety of design types.

  • Increased confidence in determining stem counts, using recipes, and allocating flowers for designs.

  • Understanding of how to appropriately price your designs.

  • Enhanced your knowledge of the wide range of British flower varieties available from local growers.

  • Gained a deeper understanding of seasonal variation in availability.

  • Acquired knowledge of the growth, harvesting, and post-harvest treatment of British cut flowers.

  • Developed confidence in approaching and communicating with local growers.

  • Learned techniques for proper care and conditioning of a variety of seasonal flowers.

  • Gained insights into the various types of flower farms operating in the UK.

  • Learned about the different sources from which you can obtain British flowers and foliage.​

Please download the PDF below to see the full course outline. 

  • Gain knowledge and confidence in sourcing and using British flowers

    Started May 11

    2,050 British pounds
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