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Planning a wedding with the environment in mind?

Updated: Mar 12

"Did you know that the average carbon footprint of a wedding in the UK is more than the average annual household footprint?" [Sustainable Wedding Alliance]

Did you know we are currently working towards getting our accreditation by the Sustainable Wedding Alliance (SWA)? This will give our customers the reassurance that we are not greenwashing but are doing all that we can to be as sustainable as possible, to look at how we can continue to improve, inform and inspire and to balance people and planet.

pink and white flowers making this a perfect bridal bouquet
Sustainable wedding bouquet of British Flowers

We always try to work in as sustainable a way as possible, but by working with the SWA and following their guide it has really helped us to think about what we are doing, given structure in how we assess different parts of the business and document our progress and goals.

One thing that we have been encouraged to do is to write down all the ways we can think of that we are already operating sustainably. We've broken this into the three main areas of our business; administration & business practices, farming and floristry. You can read more about this on our Sustainability page as well as our strategy and goals for the future.

If you are interested in finding out more about the SWA you can visit their website; Sustainable Wedding Alliance - Building Sustainable Wedding Businesses where you will find information for couples planning a sustainable wedding and information for businesses looking to focus on their sustainable practices.

Seasonal Wedding flowers photographed in our barn in hampshire
Katie arranging flowers by the barn doors

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