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Spring Seed Starting Success

Have you started sowing seeds for the year? We have started growing a range of seeds on the farm including hardy annuals and perennials and thought we would share some tips to help get your seeds going.

seed packets lying in a tray ready for sowing
A selection of packets in a seed tray, ready for sowing.

Before you start gather all the kit that you'll need, this can get as simple as a few small seed trays, seed compost and some labels. If you've got a warm windowsill (out of direct sun) then you have all that you need. If you have a heat mat and a greenhouse you'll be able to get a bit more going.

Our top tips for success are:

  • A good quality seed compost - this can take a bit of testing. We like Fertile Fibre seed compost for the majority of plants we grow.

  • Time and regular checking - seeds need checking regularly, at least once a day. Soil should be moist but not wet and seeds need a little airing everyday. As soon as you see germination you need to take the cover off and make sure they are in a warm, but not hot, bright place. Otherwise you will end up with very leggy seedlings

  • Water from underneath. If you water from above you'll wash seeds away or crush tiny seedlings. Use a watertight tray and pop them in the water for a few minutes.

  • Prick seedlings out as soon as they are big enough to handle, and only hold by the leaves as it doesn't matter too much if these are damaged, but if you break a stem it won't grow.

For more tips and recommendations for varieties to grow, download our Top 10 Hardy Annuals to Start this February and March for some inspiration to get you started. Included in it are varieties which we love to grow, tips and tricks on how to get them to germinate and aftercare for each species.

seedlings being pricked out into module trays
My favourite tool for pricking out is a very small, flat-head, screwdriver!

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