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Flowers for Businesses

Welcome to Featherstone's English Flower Co., where we take pleasure in collaborating and building relationships with local businesses to enhance your establishment's ambiance for clients, customers, and staff alike. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability and British flowers ensures that partnering with us not only elevates your space but also minimizes your carbon footprint compared to imported flowers. Let us assist you in cultivating a captivating environment while championing environmental responsibility.

Do contact us if you are:

  • Seeking flowers for reception areas, restaurant/café tables

  • Interested in sending gift bouquets to local clients

  • Considering selling locally grown flower bunches

  • Exploring special installations, like those for Christmas

  • Planning team building days or corporate events

  • Looking for a supply of sustainable flowers for arranging (ideal for nursing homes)

We currently collaborate with hotels, pubs, restaurants, wedding and event venues, offices, care homes, retail spaces, and cafes, and we're looking to expand our network.  By choosing to work with us, you're aligning your business with a local, well-respected flower farm and florist committed to sustainability. Our practices focus on increasing biodiversity, nurturing soil health, and minimising environmental impact by avoiding the use of floral foam and single-use plastics. Plus, you'll be supporting British growers, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with your flowers (typically a 90% reduction in carbon footprint compared to imported flowers). 

Business Open Day & Networking
Business Open Day & Networking
Jun 03, 2024, 9:30 AM

Wholesale Flowers

We supply florists and shops with top quality, fresh flowers straight from the farm, up to 50 mile radius from Stockbridge, Hampshire. 

Please visit our wholesale flowers website for more information and to sign up. We are here to help, any questions please call the office on 01264 302980

Why buy from us?
  • We offer a friendly and supportive wholesale experience. We want to support you and your business and will do what we can to achieve that. We welcome you to the farm and are always delighted to introduce you to new and exciting varieties.

  • You are unlikely to get fresher flowers than from your local flower farmer. Our flowers have travelled nowhere to get here and will have been cut and conditioned the day before you receive them saving you a lot of time. ​

  • No minimum spend - unlike large wholesalers you can order as little as a bunch of narcissi or a single bucket of mixed flowers and foliage so those ad-hoc bouquets are still worth doing.​

  • We have a variety of stems you can work with. Our standard buckets have bouquet length stems in but if you are working on an arrangement and want something a little different just let us know.​

  • We are sure that you already know British flowers are the best (we're not biased at all!). A large proportion of our flowers are deliciously scented and all of them have life and movement to them. You'll get plenty of varieties which you just cannot get from imports and have fresher and less bruised flowers. ​

  • People are increasingly aware of the need to be more environmentally friendly and a surprising but significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, water contamination and other damaging contaminants are imported and out of season flowers. Flowers grown the way that ours are produce 95% fewer greenhouse gases in their production and transportation.

  • We have pledged from the outset to be as sustainable as possible. To us, this means being growing without harmful pesticides, being low waste, and most importantly, produce very low emissions

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