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Church Flowers

We care deeply about supporting places of worship in becoming truly sustainable in both their acquisition of flowers and the techniques and mechanics that they use within their design work.


We know that many churches are now aware that there are more sustainable ways to decorate their beautiful buildings but aren't always aware how to become more sustainable, or have access to, flowers or training to help them do this. 


How can Featherstone's help?

1) Learning Resources:

Sustainable Church Flowers (SCF) is a movement which we are very keen to support. There is a fantastic amount of information on the SCF website, with videos, templates, advice and much more available, all for free. 

Throughout the year we will upload videos and tutorials featuring sustainable arrangements. Our blog will also keep you informed about what is in season currently and how to find British flowers throughout the year.

2) Free demonstrations

In 2024, we are running a free demonstration and Q&A sessions at St. Michael's and All Angels in Winterbourne Earls to help support our local church flower arrangers. Find out more and book your place by using the link below.

3) Discounts on our Buckets of Blooms

A discount will be offered to anyone buying flowers for use for church services. We are 100% British flowers meaning no airmiles, or questionable farming practices and ethics. The vast majority of our flowers, from March - October will be grown right here on the farm in Nether Wallop. We only use environmentally friendly practices which support the local biodiversity as much as possible. 


Sustainable Church Flowers Demonstration
Sustainable Church Flowers Demonstration
May 29, 2024, 7:00 PM
St. Michael’s and All Angels Church

How To:
Urn Arrangements

Watch Katie create an loose urn arrangement for January using 100% British Blooms





Chicken Wire


Evergreen Foliage & Twigs





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