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Almost Nothing Goes to Waste!

We hate to see anything go to waste at Featherstone’s, so whatever we do we think about how to reduce waste; we aren’t zero waste yet but we are working on it. Nature has its own way of recycling which we try to emulate.

We get lots of cardboard boxes with the flowers we buy in from other growers throughout the winter – these boxes don’t go to waste however, they don’t have printing or tape on them so are super easy for us to reuse. This week lots of them are being used under the mulch for the eucalyptus to help block weeds and slow the degradation of the woodchip on top. They’ll also get used when we are creating no-dig beds and under paths.

All plant material – Spent flowers, leaves and stems from floristry work, plants we remove at the end of their productive time, weeds and much more all make their way to the compost heap.

We’re really proud that the only thing that usually goes in the bin from a wedding is a small ball of pot-tape you can hold in one hand. Everything else either goes on the compost heap or is reused. Another way we reuse and repurpose is after a wedding we bunch up any flowers that still have a good vase life into bouquets for the wedding party to take home, so that they be appreciated for as long as possible, and keep the wedding joy going for longer.

Here's Katie dismantling an arrangement after a wedding, in it you can see 'Floral Guppies' which hold the stems in place in the tall vase and virtually disappear once covered with water. They are re-useable almost indefinitely and are infinitely better than using floral foam

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