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June Wedding At Greyhound On The Test

Updated: Jul 11

Weddings are a celebration of what we do. Featherstone's is built on our founding principles - to grow exquisitely beautiful flowers, to take care of the land we cultivate and to share the sheer joy of seasonal, sustainable flowers.  Our specialisation lies in using exclusively British-grown flowers and foliage, paired with environmentally friendly mechanics, ensuring our wedding flowers feature the very best nature has to offer, while treading lightly on our planet. 

Last weekend, we were delighted to create wedding flowers for a lovely couple who wanted a romantic colour palette in the feel of a June garden.  By the magical River Test in the heart of the Hampshire country side, our venue – The Greyhound on the Test was the perfect surroundings for our signature Featherstone style rooted in a celebration of nature’s beauty.  Working with Wilds Events to create the perfect day, every floral element was meticulously cultivated, designed, arranged and expertly installed in the dramatic creation of a full floral arch, an enchanting aisle meadow and stunning table decorations.

Under the stretched tent, scores of bud vases lined the wooden banquet tables. The mixture of scent and delicate sprays of fresh flowers in a harmony of colours lit the tent with the exquisite natural beauty, elegance and charm of the British countryside.

Scent, with its remarkable power for creating everlasting scent memories, plays a pivotal role in our creations. It's our way of infusing the sheer joy of locally grown, beautifully scented flowers and creating timeless and evocative scent memories. This wedding bouquet had an incredible smell, created with a very special mix of sweetpeas, roses, annual phlox and dragon cress.  A magical combination!

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, ensuring wedding flowers leave a minimal footprint on the planet. 100% of the flowers that were used last weekend were from our field, harvested just days before the wedding and transported just 5 miles. All of the mechanics used were sustainable, as always, and the flowers were broken down the following day and recycled into bouquets for the guests to take home.

Anything that could not be reused, was returned to the compost on our field on Monday ready to feed our soil and grow next year’s flowers – truly a joyful circle. We were so happy to be a part of this special day and hope that the couple and their guests will have magical, floral memories of a wonderful celebration

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