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Bespoke Floral

If you envision a wedding day adorned with an abundance of fragrant flowers, our Bespoke Floral Design Service is the perfect fit. Katie and our Events Team, in tandem with Jess and the Horticultural team, will work closely alongside you to bring your floral dreams to life. Every floral element will be meticulously cultivated, designed, arranged, and expertly installed, whether it be crafting delicate flower crowns, creating enchanting aisle meadows, or building statement floral arches.

Read on to find out more about our ethos and design philosophy, along with further details on our Bespoke Floral Design process before completing our enquiry form

The Featherstone's Ethos

Featherstone's is built on our founding principles - to grow exquisitely beautiful flowers, to take care of the land we cultivate and to share the sheer joy of seasonal, sustainable flowers. Our specialisation lies in  using exclusively British-grown flowers and foliage, paired with environmentally friendly mechanics, ensuing your wedding flowers feature the very best nature has to offer, while treading lightly on our planet. 


With our emphasis on flower provenance, you can witness first-hand where your flowers are lovingly grown, tracing their journey from seed to bouquet and understanding the care and dedication invested in each petal.

We love our wedding couples to be fully involved in their wedding flowers, getting to know us, the farm, and the experienced team responsible for cultivating your wedding flowers, forging a meaningful and personal connection to the flowers that will be decorating your wedding day.

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2022-12-17 Camilla & Paddy-554.jpg
2022-12-17 Camilla & Paddy-554.jpg

Embracing Seasonality

Our design philosophy stems from the seasons, celebrating the best of British flowers, carefully selecting the finest blooms from our own fields and reputable growers. This commitment to seasonal British flowers enables us to design arrangements that are intimately connected to the one off moment that is your wedding day. As a result, your wedding carries a profound sense of time and place, the flowers designed to naturally enhance and decorate your venue, blending seamlessly with the wider landscape.


Following this approach, we refrain from simply replicating floral designs seen before and rightly so, as your wedding day should be as exceptional and distinctive as you are! Instead, we encourage you to describe the ambiance you wish to create for your special day from a soft and romantic atmosphere, to a wild and whimsical vibe, or a bold and playful aesthetic. We do encourage you to share your Pinterest board with us as these collected images provide us with insights into your preferences and dislikes, which, combined with our years of expertise in floriculture and floral design guide us to the flowers, colours and style that will fit perfectly within your wedding. 

Natural Beauty

At the heart of Featherstone's lies a profound admiration and love for the natural world, and this deep connection is beautifully reflected in our approach, which exudes softness, wild allure, and romance.

Drawing inspiration from the picturesque countryside surrounding our Hampshire farm and the innovative horticultural designs found in Britain's renowned gardens, our signature style is inherently rooted in the celebration of nature’s beauty.


We embrace the distinctive elements of each season, whether it be the grace of delicate spring bulbs, the opulence of a June rose garden, the autumnal charm of berries and rose hips, or the enduring beauty of winter's catkins and evergreen foliage. In every creation, we gently capture the essence of nature's ever-evolving artistry.

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Scent, with its remarkable power for creating everlasting scent memories, plays a pivotal role in our creations. Through meticulous crop planning, we incorporate scented elements into every wedding, including fragrant flowers, aromatic herbs, and foliage.


It's our way of infusing your celebration with the sheer joy of locally grown, beautifully scented flowers. In the years to come, the delicate fragrance of winter paperwhites, the sweet scent of May's sweet peas, or the intoxicating perfume of June's roses will instantly transport you back to the magic of your special day, creating timeless and evocative scent memories.


Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, ensuring your wedding flowers leave a minimal footprint on the planet. We're proud to say no to imported flowers - reducing carbon emissions to an absolute minimum.

Every bit of green waste finds its way into our compost, while our reusable mechanics eliminate unnecessary waste. You won't find any floral foam here, as we prioritise eco-friendly alternatives.

Our approach leads to very low-waste weddings, but it doesn't stop there. We offer a wide range of items for hire, embodying the principles of reduce and reuse before recycling, making it easy for you to create a beautiful, environmentally conscious celebration.


The Process

Our bespoke wedding process tends to start around 12 – 18 months before your wedding date once you have selected and confirmed your venue. If you love the sound of our ethos and design philosophy we ask that you fill in our wedding enquiry form to give us the initial outline of your requirements.

Upon receiving your enquiry, we will check the date in our diary and arrange an initial consultation to delve into your wedding day vision. This call serves as an opportunity for us to gather essential details, including your top priorities, floral ideas, event schedule, and venue access specifics. To ensure a productive discussion, it is greatly beneficial if you could share reference images or Pinterest boards. The call also serves as a way for us to get to know each other and to make sure that we are the right florists for you. After our conversation, we will provide you with a mood board featuring the floral ideas discussed, a colour palette, and a cost estimate. If you are around 12 months before your wedding date at this stage, we invite you to the farm to see the range of flowers growing within the same season as your wedding.

Upon receiving your initial design concepts and cost estimate, should you decide to proceed and secure our services, we kindly request a £500 or 25% of your cost estimate (whichever is the greater amount) non-refundable deposit to confirm your date in our calendar. The remaining balance will be due six weeks before your wedding day.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will arrange a venue visit with you to walk through your wedding day and suggest where you can make the most of your floral arrangements. We find this is a key part of the planning process as we can help you to visualise how the floral elements of your day could look. Following the site visit we will create a comprehensive floral proposal, quotation and installation plan.

From there our team will be busy behind the scenes, growing and nurturing your wedding flowers, communicating with your other wedding suppliers, venue, and coordinator to ensure an easy and stress-free process for you. Around 2 months before your wedding day we will arrange a meeting to discuss and confirm all the final details. In the weeks leading up to the wedding we love for our couples to come to the farm and see the actual flowers growing in the field that will be filling their wedding day - this is often a really special, quiet moment for you both to have a little breather amid the wedding preparations. 

The days leading up to your wedding will be spent harvesting, conditioning and preparing all of your flowers ready to be installed on your wedding day. Katie and her team will be on site ensuring all the floral elements are perfect for you, before personally delivering your bouquets and buttonholes. 

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